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Let's chat with our ceo, Manny!

A rambunctious 9 year old with a passion for fashion! While pursuing my career as a aspiring Actor/Model, I developed an interest for unique fashion.

Founded in 2020, Royal Icons

(Incredible Career Opportunities & Numerous Success) was inspired by my desire to become a leader and my overall love for fashion. With the help of my Brand Manager Ahsae The Visionary of miniBOSS Entertainment, Royal Icons Collection brings stylish, exclusive looks and accessories for any look you have in mind. We aim to create a stylish lane for all demographics so some of our items are unisex. You should check them out! 


My brand strives to empower the youth through the expression of quality and unique styles.

I do believe this is only the beginning of my journey in building confidence in ALL kids and helping them realize that they can become leaders too!

We are super excited to have you along side us through our success.

Thank you for your support!! 


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