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Color: White Umbrella, Blue & Gold Logo, Black Underneath 
Three-fold automatic umbrella
Production process: heat transfer
Production material: polyester
Product Description:

Recommended image pixels: 3600*5880

Product Description


Features:Umbrella skeleton adopts structural mechanics and uses 8 structural steel and carbon fiber composite structures to stabilize the umbrella rib structure, which is flexible, firm, stable and wind-resistant. High elastic springs are added to the folds of the umbrella rib to effectively improve the opening and closing efficiency of the umbrella surface. When the umbrella is opened and used, the rainwater will naturally slide off. After use, the water droplets will leave the umbrella surface immediately. It has strong water resistance, obvious drying effect and prolongs the service life of the umbrella. Nanotechnology is used on the ordinary umbrella surface to prevent lotus leaves. Water-resistant effect, forming a water-resistant fabric, effectively blocking the infiltration of rainwater. Lightweight and easy to travel, it can resist skin photoaging, efficient heat insulation and UV protection.

Occasions:Portable and Lightweight: Now you don't need to choose big umbrellas and small umbrellas that can't provide practical windproof. The folding automatic umbrella is only 11 inches long and can fit in briefcases, backpacks, luggage and more. Umbrellas suitable for outdoor activities, such as travel, shopping, etc.

Accessories Construction:Reinforced Windproof Frame: The stretcher and shaft are made of extra thick hardened metal, which reinforces the canopy and keeps it tight to ensure it won't flip over in strong winds.

Special Tips :Due to different measurement methods, the error of this size data is within 1-2cm, which is a normal phenomenon.

Royal Icons Umbrella

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